Above: Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York with the Jesuit Community after Mass in the community chapel
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About Ciszek Hall
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The Ciszek Community 2018-2019

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The community at Ciszek Hall, is the home of the Jesuit scholastics in First Studies
at Fordham University in the Bronx, New York

Scholastics at Ciszek are presently engaged in the following academic programs:

MA in Philosophical Resources at Fordham University – The MAPR is a degree designed specifically for Jesuit scholastics to satisfy the requirements of the Church and the Society of Jesus. The program consists of 12 classes offering a systematic introduction to philosophy and critical thought, culminating in a comprehensive exercise, traditionally called the de universa exam.

Theology – In addition to philosophy, all men in formation are generally expected to complete a year’s worth of theology (~8 courses) during their time at Ciszek Hall.

MA in Philosophy at Fordham University - Men in formation who have a background in philosophy might enroll in the MA to deepen their knowledge and satisfy the requirements of the Church and the Society.

MBA - Masters of Business Administration at Fordham University

BA/BS at Fordham University – Recently vowed Jesuits who do not yet have a bachelor’s degree may be missioned to Ciszek Hall to complete their undergraduate education at Fordham. They may major in areas other than philosophy but are expected to satisfy the philosophy requirements also.

Special Studies – Some Jesuits in formation are missioned to Ciszek Hall to pursue special studies. Below is a list of programs Jesuits living at Ciszek Hall have pursued.

MA in Classics at Columbia University
MS in Educational Leadership at Fordham University
MA in International Political Economy and Development at Fordham University
MA in Medieval Studies at Fordham University
MA in Theology at Fordham University